Maximal Overcall Doubles

When do they occur?
After partner raises your major to two, and your RHO bids the suit directly under yours.

Why are Maximal Overcall Doubles needed?
You no longer have the room to bid a new suit as a game try, and bidding three of your major is competitive rather than invitational.

How do we solve the problem?
If your hand is worth inviting to game, you double. Partner will usually jump to game with a maximum, or sign off in three of your major with a minimum. In addition, when he has strength in the enemy suit, he can bid 3NT or even leave in the double.

Here are five examples of auctions featuring Maximal Overcall Doubles.


Maximual Overcall Doubles can also be made:
By the overcalling side;
When partner uses a cue-bid to raise;
When both opponents are in the auction.   On the next hand, all three are involved.

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