Hamilton-Blooman-Transfer Blooman

These are conventions used over the Opponents 1NT (and occasionally 2NT) opening


  1. DBL = Equal hand, balanced and equal points
  2. 2 = single suited hand, responder is to bid 2
  3. 2 to show the majors, responder is to pick one
  4. 2 is ’s and a minor, Responder passes, raises, or bids 2NT to ask for minor. Bidding a new suit rejects overcallers suits.
  5. 2 is ’s and a minor, Same responses as over 2.
  6. 2NT is both minors

Blooman uses a Hamilton base but uses DBL to show 2 suited hands.

All suit bids are natural and show a good 5-card suit or 6+

DBL shows two suits and responder bids 2 and then overcaller bids

  1. 2 for majors
  2. 2 for ’s and minor
  3. 2 for ’s and minor
  4. 2NT for minors. Overcaller could bid 2NT immediately for minors instead of doubling.

Transfer Blooman is the same as Blooman but since a DBL asks responder to bid 2 it can have two uses. It may show a single club suit or be the start of a two-suited Hamilton bid.

  1. 2 is a transfer to ’s
  2. 2 is a transfer to ’s
  3. 2 is a transfer to ’s
  4. 2 is a transfer to 's

We use Transfer Blooman in the direct seat and Blooman in the passout seat.

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