Unit Game Computer Cheat Sheet


Plug in all cords including the bridge pads. 3 cords in all plus a small converter cord for the projector, plug both power and projector cords in.


Turn on computer


Turn on Internet- Icon on far right on bottom. Location for wifi is MH

 ( 1st one listed)

You have to accept the terms, the website will appear and you close the site.

Gilroy’s wifi setup is automatic.


ACBL Start score Icon for the short cut method ( not the reg ACBL score)

Both sections will automatically come up with the date.

If the date is not correct- find the correct date with the calendar.

Check the box for Auto Start Bridge Pad starting automatically.

When everyone is seated decide on the movements. If the movements are not correct in the program- change to reflect the correct movements.- then hit OK

to start the bridge pads. If you are running a Howell movement and you have a half table the program will automatically set East/West as the sit out pair.


If you have only one section there is a box at the top of the game page – change the number from 2 to 1.


If all keys are not active such as the F11 is not highlighted touch the window  screen in the game records, and the F numbers will appear.

 Click on the F-11 and click on the BMN separately for 2 sections and fill in the names.

Use the arrows up and down to move from section A-B


If you want to change the Stratifications:

Stratify the game by touching or clicking F11 – Stratify and go to the sections one at a time to

Check for A,B,C players. ( you have to have at least 3 pairs for C stratification.)

Change the strats- F9- Set masterpoint ratings to reflect the fairest game.. Once changed go to F 11 stratify and click the bottom of the page- auto stratify- then F3 for ranking the pairs in order A,B,C.


Results- Control P twice- Each section separately- F-8 results

Check rounds for correctness and make sure all scores are in.

To project the scoring turn on two places for Screen (on) wait and then PC Button for Morgan Hill. Gilroy – Turn on projector and press the down button to lower screen, Laptop. 


Once the scores are on the screen use Auto Post( Icon on desktop) to send to the internet.

Remember to stay on the same page. DO NOT leave the home page or game results page.


Unless you have something to change on the message screen close out and continue. If you have something to say remember to save it afterword. Ctrl S. You will see the common game records and OPEN to drop in the hand records, the date and file is automatically filled in. Once that is done the rest is automatic -check the “Close option” and do send by touching the screen. After all the autopost is done. Click or touch the screen to send The results to “the common game” as well when asked( on the left hand section of the screen).


If the computer when turned on is in Administration Mode-- to take it out of that mode there is a windows icon on the far left- Right click on the window and Shut down or sign off the administrator. Another window will appear CLICK ON  UNIT 524. This should take you out of Administrator mode.