Minutes of the Board of Director’s Meeting 

September 21, 2017 2:00 PM


The meeting was brought to order by Ken Johnson. Ken Johnson, John Beebe, Linda King and Joanne Wicker were in attendance. Lyle Supp was absent.

1.) The minutes from the previous meeting were approved.

2.) Jim Leuker, District21 president, who is in a run-off election for District21 director, came to campaign for votes. He defined the job and spoke of his vision and goals for the position if elected. A question and answer period ensued before Mr. Leuker finished.

3.) Treasurer’s report. Rabobank still has questions about the tax ID number. John Beebe is meeting with the bank today to resolve the questions. John Beebe volunteered to develop a standard tracking form for the directors to use in regard to expenses. There are fees to set up the boards for sectionals of $10-$13. Win Stone has agreed to do it for $10. Linda King submitted receipts of $150 for supplies for the earthquake section. John Beebe issued a check in the amount of $150.

4.) Christmas party. The board discussed fees for unit 524 members at the Christmas party. After discussion, it was decided that a $10 charge for unit members will include dinner and bridge. Nonmembers and member spouses will be charged $25. Carol Reed made several suggestions for the menu. A discussion about whether appetizer should be provided took place. Carol Reed will get more information on the subject. Old City Hall has a full bar that will be open as a no host bar. Corkage fees for personal bottles of wine will be $10. The entertainment has requested three meals plus $50 compensation for the entertainment.

The schedule for the party is tentatively:

a.) 11:45 AM board meeting.

b.) 12 PM Bridge.

c.) 4 PM entertainment.

d.) 4:30 PM dinner. Invitations will be emailed to member soon.

e.) Sign-up will be available at all the unit games.

5.) Unit games

Lyle Supp will do lunch and lesson at the October unit game. John Beebe will provide snacks at the November unit game.

6.) Attendance: The total table numbers within the unit are up over two years ago.

7.) In and out and rankings:

There are no new rankings. Gertrude Edvenson has become inactive.

8.) Bylaws: After asking current and previous board members, the consensus is, there are no term limits for a two-year commitment. Ken Johnson suggested that the 2018 board review the bylaws.

9.) Earthquake Sectional Job descriptions

Any current and past chair persons from the earthquake sectional will be asked to write up job descriptions for the future chair people.

10.) Game management


Linda King has provided a flow chart or write- up to Win Stone for a review and critique regarding the game set up and scoring. Joanne Wicker is learning the system on the computer in order to assist when necessary.

11.) Slow play

 Slow play procedural penalties will be implemented after the first warning. The penalties will be 1/4 board and will apply to the open section.

12.) New business


Ken Johnson and Diana Dragt are the nominating committee for the 2018 board. All and any names are welcome.

13.) Survey

 Questions that can help improve play were discussed. It was decided to table the discussion until a future meeting.


Meeting was adjourned

Respectfully submitted 9/27/17

Joanne Wicker