Minutes of the Board of Director’s Meeting 

October 19, 2017 2:00 PM 

The meeting was brought to order by Ken Johnson. Ken Johnson, Linda King, Lyle Supp and Joanne Wicker were in attendance. John Beebe was absent. 


Minutes from the September board meeting were approved. 

Treasurer Report

The financial summary from the Earthquake Sectional is almost complete. The Rabobank situation has been settled. Ken Johnson and John Beebe signed off documents to close the matter. 

Unit games

11 tables were in attendance for Lyle Supp’s  Lunch and Lesson. Linda King arranged for one and a half tables by making personal phone calls. The Hollister unit game is November 4, 2018 and Skip Pack will direct. The question of the continuation of the Hollister unit game will be considered in 2018 by the new board. Unit games in 2018 will tentatively continue on the third Sunday with the exception of the month of May. Lyle Supp will contact Debbie Vasquez at the CRC to confirm dates. There was a question raised about insurance and liability at the CRC. Research into the matter will be followed up. John Beebe is doing snacks for the November unit game. Ken Johnson will contact Jo Levy and inquire what dates she’s available to direct during 2018 in Morgan Hill. 

Christmas party

Carol Reed has arranged to purchase gift cards at Costco to be honored by old City Hall towards the invoice. This will result in a 20% savings. Carol will attend the November board meeting for final arrangements. 

Game attendance

The Hollister game attendance is slightly less in recent months. The total tables between Gilroy and Hollister, however, remains stable. 

New rankings

Barbara Miller is a junior master. Mary Legrand is now a silver life master. Dave Jackson and Jonna Robinson are the unit winners from the Earthquake Sectional that won the most master points. 

In and Out Reports

Linda Chang and Neda Dorjath have transferred into Unit 524. Linda will send welcome packages. Linda Blasedel and Katie Dmick are no longer active. 

Game management during Win Stone’s absence during Jan-Feb 2018

Win Stone will duplicate the boards during his absences. Linda King has developed a cheat “sheet” to aid the directors. 

Nominating committee

The nominating committee has several members interested in serving on the 2018 board. 

Unit administrator

A motion was made that a unit administrator position be created. The responsibilities would include, but not be limited to, bookkeeping and website management. Ken Johnson volunteered for the position and was unanimously approved. 

Earthquake sectional

The total tables for the earthquake sectional were down from 2016. A sanction has been obtained for 2018 and the dates are September 22-23. Ideas about improving the 199er participation were discussed. Next year the Earthquake committee should consider shorter lunch breaks on Sunday. 

The next board meeting will be Thursday, November 9, 2018. 

The meeting was adjourned. 

Respectfully submitted, Joanne Wicker