Two-Way Reverse Drury



Two-Way Reverse Drury

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Two Way Reverse Drury

Two Way Reverse Drury is used when partner opens 1 of a major in 3rd and 4th seat.

Since parther is a passed hand he may be opening light and with a 4-card suit. Of course, if he has a full opener he will have a 5-card suit. Also, 4th seat will be a rule of 15 opener (which is less valuable as a guideline when playing 2/1) but Drury is still useful.

After a 3rd or 4th seat opening 1NT becomes semi-forcing.

If there is no interference over the major suit opening a bid of 2 shows a limit raise with 3-card support while 2 shows 4-card support.

Opener rebids his suit without game interest. With game interest, a full opener, does not rebid his suit but instead bids a side suit or notrump.

Interference Adjunct

Don Nemiro gave me another approach to add to Drury if there is interference, either a double or a 1 level bid. Now in addition to the Drury bids we can add 3 and 3 as Bergen style raises. But since we have 2 to show a 4-card limit raise we do not need the 3 Bergen bid.

Now 3 would show 4 card support, just under a limit raise (Just like normal Bergen) but it would show a singleton or void.

Now 3 would show 4 card support, just under a limit raise (Just like normal Bergen 3 bid) but it would also show a singleton or void. This bid asks opener, with a full opener to show a singleton or void. If opener has a short suit in a different suit then responder it is possible even with limited points to bid and make a slam. Responder will know his short suit and if openers is a different one, responder may move toward slam and certainly end in game.

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